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Anglers depend on Mother Nature. We bow in her presence when rewarded with fish, and we pray she is easy on us. She controls water conditions, fish behavior, and weather. Sometimes we try and outsmart her, thinking the water won’t be too high or too muddy after a week of hard rain. We tell ourselves the fish are still hungry.  A couple days ago a few of us departed on such a mission. Mother Nature won… No, actually, she kicked our asses.

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A couple days ago we circled up around a long table littered with florescent feathers. Fly-fishing starts at the vice. Tequila shots, beers, and buffalo chicken dip that left Pike feelin it a few days later- we tie.  Steelhead flies, nymphs, streamers, and for me and Pike, a big articulated musky fly – we were heading out to secret waters that weekend to hunt. Musky flies are tough and require a lot of patience, perseverance, and booze. The longer the fly takes to tie, the more beer is consumed. Needless to say, the fly ended up in better shape than tier. Pink and white.

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It’s 3:45 AM. We get in the car and hit up the local Foam Burger shop and send it to the river. Fishing stories are shared, but Pike does most of the story-telling. The funny thing about fishing for Esox is the more you want to catch one, the less likely it seems that one will take your fly. It is sporadic and chaotic. A slow twitching strip may entice a monster, just as a rapidly retrieved fly can produce a gentle follow, and even a kiss.

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