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I have a confession to make. To those of you who know me this may come as a shock but, I, Lenny Bones, am a bum. But not just your regular Church Street vagrant, although not too far off,  but rather a more practiced and tactical bum. A fish bum. This past summer for me consisted of minimal work hours and plenty of time on the water. To my parents quiet disapproval I have spent most of my time this summer figuring out how I could work less and fish more. Living the dream. Most people my age used the summer to concentrate on internships and to build resume pleasers, I followed a different path. A path that somehow seemed to lead Boh and I straight to the water again and again.

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I see Gaga on campus walking his rogue dog Tina. He doesn’t belong at the library, but he misses the campus scene. Can’t say I blame him. He tells me him and J are planning on fishing in the afternoon. J is skipping his last class. Looks like I am too. So I sit in my next class watching the second hand slowly dance around the clock face waiting in anticipation.

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