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4:30 wake up call for me and Big One. Were on a mission for the giant Snook the local told us about in the canal in town. We get there at the perfect time. Unfortunately it seemed like the full moon disturbed the regular tide, and we did not see very many big fish. We had a couple chances, but nothing huge. But it was the day of our departure and we wouldn’t have been able to leave unless we got some fishing in.

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Waking up depressed. It’s our last day on the Island. The morning vibes were a little more somber, a little less rowdy in anticipation for the day. We eat the usual bean, rice, and egg combo for breakfast. The Big One decides to hijack Grit’s boots and hike around the mountains on the island. We had been sticking pretty close to the coast for the majority of the trip, and he decided he wanted to get into the jungle and bush-wack for the day. The rest of the boys decided to enjoy the last day fishing, no surprises there…

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The Big One and I took the day to go on a rogue two-man mission, exploring the flats past Mangrove Bight. We were delayed in our departure due to a feisty squall. Taking refuge in a small shack for about 10 minutes before we realized it was someone’s kitchen.

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Our second and last day in the boat with our makeshift guide. The first errand of the day was a boat ride to Bonacca, the island where the majority of the residents of the bay islands live. We pulled the Dead Runner to the gas station and docked up. Sheridan took Hewy, J and The Big One into town to find Internet to email our parents. We wanted to make sure they knew we were alive. 

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Rest day. As us Vermonters are not used to the sun in general, let alone the Central American heat, we needed a day of rest after our first day on the boat. The sun is brutal. Grit is starting to look like a full on lobby (lobster), as my poor sun-screen applying techniques result in blotchy burnt spots. The locals laughed at my sun burn patterns. I laughed with them.

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Day 1: Exploration of the new turf. Our barn-house sat 200 yards up from the beach. We took the day to hike and scout. J got on the fish first, a sly little barracuda that he managed to keep despite his lack of wire. A true magician with the rod. The stoke was reel. The five of us kept moving down the coast. The Big One got another cuda next. I was fishing my own ties, thinking it was time to switch when the fish gods blessed me with my first saltwater fish on the fly. Little reef snapper.

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