Do you love what you do, because it’s what you do? Or do you do what you do because it’s what you love? As a PigFarmer, I am a firm believer in the philosophy of finding, and pursuing passion. We know that the world would be a better place if everyone desperately chased their dreams, something that we are only told as kids growing up. I challenge you to continue to do so until it has become a reality, no matter how old. Somewhere along the path of scholarly education we are conditioned to accept reality. As if anybody knows what reality truly is… Through mindless schooling systems and questionable leaders, we are educated away from the pursuit of our passion and are taught to be realistic, and that we really can’t do whatever we want. We are told to conform, and face the “real world”.

Fuck That. Do what you love, because it’s what you love to do.

To my family’s surprise, I am on track to graduate this spring. I think. And again, while most people my age are figuring out their future, scheduling interviews, building resumes, I am stuck on something. I don’t see the point. I don’t see the positivity in settling for something that is not what I want to be doing. Something that will not make me happy. I see so many people settling for less, complacent and stagnant. We can do something different. Life isn’t about getting a job, and just getting by. Life is about a struggle with a passion. They may not be easy to find or achieve, but that’s the whole point.

Writing about a passion is tough, and hard to put words to sometimes. Probably why Dante Alighieri had to write an entire trilogy just to describe his passion. Look it up.

But fly fishing has become so much more to me than that. It has evolved into something different and more meaningful. More obsessive.

It floods my thoughts, seamlessly between sleep and wake, it’s all I can think about now. I know it sounds cliché or silly or whatever. Screw it. I have to come clean. I am literally a crack head… For fly fishing. I lay awake for hours before bed because when I close my eyes, flies. Images of hooks, feathers and finished products tsunami into my thoughts, I can’t sleep because now I’m all fired up on the next pattern I’m going to tie. Then there’s the fish. Fish I’ve caught, fish I’ve missed, fish I’ve seen, and fish I need to chase. It is beyond never-ending. And, once I finally fall asleep, it is even more vivid.

Dreams of tropical places, perhaps flats I have walked, or wish to walk soon. I find myself laying in bed till 1 in the afternoon, trying to force myself back to sleep so I can be back in my dream fishing… haha. Wow, somebody help me?

This is why I write. It’s like stepping into the confessional with a priest. Boh is my priest, and writing these thoughts down hopefully will let me sleep tonight. But I’ll probably just be thinking about fishing until 3 AM, it’s already 1:42…

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Find a passion, and don’t settle for anything less than what you love.

Tight lines and stay core.


2016James Mugele