Life is a strange thing that is given to us without our permission. We all came in to this world through a bond that was created through passion and love. That same bond may not exist for some, and for some it may, but who gives a fuck, because nothing is guaranteed to last. All that life guarantees you are two things; the tangible and emotional matter that is collected over time through moments that will be passed on and shared. And death. Everyone thinks about death, who doesn’t? You’d be a fool not to wonder what happens when you dismiss your body, after the clutches of blackness evict your soul, leaving you staring back at your empty corpse. What you can’t do is let the Grim Reaper’s promise hinder you from stepping outside and fulfilling the only other promise that life stamps on your birth certificate, making memories and moments that leave a legacy and you a legend.

Some probably cringe at the label “Rogue Boys” that we have claimed as our own, as if we are a band of gun toting, booze slamming outlaws. We are, but let me make this perfectly clear. The Rogue Boys label doesn’t imply drugs and violence, it simply defines our lust to succeed with what it is that injects us with bliss. In our band, we defend our own and stick up for ourselves, because there is nothing more selfish in life than someone else focusing their time to destroy the masterpiece of memories and moments that you’ve worked so hard to create. Those are the types of people fixed on death, and ignoring the endless possibilities that life dishes out. What we as The Rogue Boys have been so collectively successful at achieving is that ability to grasp what life dishes out. What separates us from the rest is that we have built a brotherhood through the beauty of the outdoors.

We’ve traveled to the remote areas of Honduras, Vermont, the Pacific Northwest, and Pennsylvania seeking glory in death and giving meaning to those memories and moments. Whether it be the comforting feeling of drinking beers next to a fire after shooting explosives with high-powered rifles, only to illuminate how fucking cosmic the explosion was. Whether it be hunting, stalking prey through a vast forest uninhabited by humans making the perfect kill, only to share that meal with our brothers. Whether it be finding that perfect line on our snowboards or down hill mountain bikes so that we can feel the adrenaline course through our veins to numb the pain when we fall. Whether our brothers are forced to carry us down the mountain, or we sack up and finish the day as though it may be our last. Neither scenario defines us as a coward or a savage. It makes us Rogue. Whether it be the rush of climbing up a sheer face of rock so that the view from the top takes our breath away. Or whether it be casting fifty feet of line out in the Caribbean ocean or peaceful creek in search of the perfect fight between human and fish, simply so we can reel it in and admire the colors and patterns that this fish was blessed with. With us Rogue Boys, the possibilities are endless.

Here is where I make a statement as to why we are The Rogue Boys. We are The Rogue Boys because of this newly adopted philosophy of, “always remaining in a state of departure, while always arriving”. What this means is that no matter what is happening in life, we all agree to keep on moving to the next best thing, making sure we get there so we can continue adding on to the beautiful memories and moments we have pasted together to define our lives. What this philosophy does is save on goodbyes because in the end death is closing in. So, for those of you reading this, treasure the memories and moments in life, get off the couch and do something cool, and band together with brothers. By the time death comes to greet you, you can show him your highlight reel of life, say fuck you, and leave with grace.

2015James Mugele