4:30 wake up call for me and Big One. Were on a mission for the giant Snook the local told us about in the canal in town. We get there at the perfect time. Unfortunately it seemed like the full moon disturbed the regular tide, and we did not see very many big fish. We had a couple chances, but nothing huge. But it was the day of our departure and we wouldn’t have been able to leave unless we got some fishing in.


We are standing on our dock, waiting for Sheridan to pick us up in the boat, and take us to the airport. Or should I say air strip. She comes in to view over the horizon as a school of 30 bonefish come cruising under our feet. Tailing in the grass right in front of us, waving goodbye. This was a sign if I ever saw one. The elusive trophy fish was hiding from us the whole trip, and when we are sitting vulnerable, with all our gear packed they tauntingly swim right past us, flipping us off. Thanks Bonefish, and thanks Gunaja. We will be back. We have to now, the Bonefish asked for it.

To make a long story short the trip home for me was hell. My foot swollen to the size of a grapefruit, feeling like it could pop. The boys all in tears at the sight of my club-foot, as they had been putting back free booze from the plane. They were drunk, my foot was throbbing. I did however get wheeled out of the airport in New York in a wheelchair and got me and the boys through security rather quickly. As we were waiting for our bags I had some of the boys pushing me around, throwing in hacks and other bike-style maneuvers. The security guys took the wheelchair from me and made me walk. They weren’t amused by our wheel chair handling capabilities.

Four out of the five of us ended up in the hospital. Three parasites and one case of a bad wound infection. We wouldn’t be the Rogue Boys if something didn’t go wrong.


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